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  1. Go to your Dashboard (When you first log into iDashboard, you will be taken to your Dashboard, or click on Dashboard in the top menu).
  2. Down the left hand menu click on Calendar.
  3. To change your view, up in the top right hand corner you can select from the following views
    • List - All your appointments for the next week
    • Day - View the total day by half hour slots
    • Week - View each day by half hour slots for the next week
    • Month - An overview of appointments for the current month
  4. If you want to scroll through the months, click on either the left or right arrows on the month on the mini calendar in the left hand menu.
  5. To add an event click on the  Add Event link in the left hand menu under the mini calendar fill in the details and click Create Event.
  6. If you want to view another employees calendar select Other people's events in the left hand menu, select the employee and click Go.
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