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How to Add a Contact

  1. Hover your mouse over the Contacts tab and select Add a Contact.
  2. A pop up box will open asking you to fill in details about your contact. The first screen asks for the Contact's basic information, and asks whether the contact is Person or company. You will need to specify and fill in the contacts email, source and controlling agent details. This box also has a list of contact groups for you to allocate this contact to. You can allocate the contact to more than one group.
  3. Click on the phone numbers tab to update your contacts telephone information. Please note you can add or remove numbers using the plus and minus buttons.
  4. Once you have entered their phone details, click on the address tab. You can use the Copy From button rather than filling in both details. You can also use the View Google Map to see the typographical location.
  5. Click on the subscriptions tab to assign Automatic weekly emails or Newsletters and magazines to your contact.
  6. The final tab is for contact Requirements. Requirements are used so that the system can send property alert and buyer match emails to contacts as properties that fit their requirements come on line.
  7. Once you have finished adding the contact requirement, press the Create Contact button.
  8. Once you have clicked the Create contact button, you will be taken to the summary page of your contact. From here you can edit info, view correspondence, create action plans, send SMS and much more.
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