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Maintenance screen still showing

When we perform maintenance on iDashboard, our developers need to take the whole system offline and during this time there is a grey maintenance page that is displayed.

Depending on your installation of Firefox or your internet service provider, this maintenance page may become cached. Caching is done automatically by your browser, server or internet service provider to speed up accessing the same website or page in the future. Unfortunately this means that for some of our customers the maintenance page will continue to display after our maintenance times and when iDashboard is back online.

There are a couple of things you can do to get back into iDashboard;

Forced refresh
Try pressing Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard when you are looking at the green maintenance page. To do this, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, press and release F5, then finally release the Ctrl key. Firefox should then perform a forced refresh and fetch the latest pages from our servers.

Clear your cache
If a forced refresh fails, then you will need to try clearing your cache. In Firefox, go to the tools menu and select either 'Clear recent history' or 'Clear private data'. From the box that appears make sure you select Everything and that the only item ticked is 'Cache'. Only perform this if you are completely out of iDashboard and NOT looking at the green maintenance page.

It may sound silly but try restarting your computer. This should be enough to clear out the cached maintenance page. If you have a server in the office you should also check with your server administrator, as the page may be caching at a server level.

If you have tried the above and you still continue to see the green maintenance screen please feel free to contact us for further assistance; prior to contacting us please check other computers in your office to see if they are able to access iDashboard successfully.

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