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Using QR Codes

A Qr code is a quick reference barcode that can be read by mobile phones / smart devices with the assistance of a QR reading application. QR codes can contain information about a website's address, contact details or general text. Equipped with a camera enabled phone, users take a photo of the bar code and the reader instantly opens the website or contact details contained in the QR Code on the phone. Some key features and benefits of using QR Codes are:

  • Passers by can snapshot the code for convenient property research
  • Link directly to your property online
  • Instantly store an Agent as a contact in your phone etc

Setting up your Phone

Before your mobile device can 'scan' QR codes, you will need to download and install a QR reader. We Recommend i-nigma, a free and powerful reader that supports over 250 mobile devices, and is incredibly easy to install. 

  1. On your phone, browse to
  2. i-nigma will automatically detect your phone brand and model. For example, an iPhone user will see something like this:
  3. Select the install link and follow the prompts on your phone. For example, an iPhone user would be taken to the i-nigma App store page. 

How to scan QR Codes 

  1. Start the QR Reader on your phone and follow the prompts.
  2. Focus your phones camera on the QR code.
  3. Slowly move the phone away from the QR Code and your phone should capture the QR code and decode the information for you (if not press the scan button). 

Where to Use QR Codes

QR Codes can be used anywhere where you would like to expand on a small amount of information. In particular for real estate, QR Codes can be placed on Window Cards and Sign Boards. Passing visitors can already see the basic information about the property, however by scanning the QR Code the will be taken to your mobile website and will have access to the property information, photos and agent details.

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