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Resizing an image to upload to iDashboard using Irfanview

Is a free image resizing tool that allows you to quickly and easily resize images.
If you have an image editing program already installed on your computer please refer to the help section of that program for resizing instructions. If you do not have an image editing program we recommend using a free program such as Irfanview.

To get Irfanview
Go to and follow the download links. Download and install Irfanview to your computer.

To resize an image with Irfanview

  1. Open Irfanview
  2. Go to File menu > Open
  3. Browse your computer for the image you want to resize, select it then click Open
  4. Go to Image menu > Resize/Resample
  5. Ensure Preserve aspect ratio is ticked (bottom left corner)
  6. In the Width box enter 800
  7. Click OK
  8. Go to File menu > Save as…
  9. Browse your computer for the location where you want to save your image
  10. Ensure the Save as type drop down box is set to JPG – JPG/JPEG Format
  11. In the File name box enter a descriptive name for your image (such as bed1 or backyard)
  12. Click Save
  13. Repeat for each image that needs resizing
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