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XML Imports from third party products

iProperty accepts property feeds from a small number of third party products, such as Rockend REST, HubOnline, MyDesktop and others.

Below are some of the common reasons why property imports from third party systems may fail to be accepted by iProperty and published to your website. When this happens an email will be generated and sent to the office and/or listing agent, outlining the error message.

Cannot import agent - name and email required
This means that the agent is either missing from the property all together or we are missing part of their name or email address. Ensure the property has a valid agent assigned to it before sending the property again. A valid agent must have a full name, email address and contact phone number.

Cannot find suburb for property: 3063, Peepsville
This means that the suburb and postcode combination are not a match to the AusPOST postcode database. When sending a listing through the suburb and postcode must be an exact and full match to that at - abbreviations are not acceptable. Ensure you have a valid suburb before sending the property again. If your suburb and postcode combination does match AusPOST please contact iProperty for further assistance.

Cannot import a property from another country than the owning agency
This means you are trying to import a property outside of your own country. Change the property country and address to be the same as your own country before resending it. For example, if your agency is in New Zealand, you may only upload properties for New Zealand, you may not upload properties for Australia.

In addition to the above, there are a few other rules that your listings must abide by;

All Listings must have:

  • at least 1 image
  • a street number
  • a street name (even if hiding)
  • an advertisement heading and description
  • a price (even if auction or hidden)
  • a price over $30,000 (sales only)
  • an auction date and time (auctions only)
  • a valid and complete agent
  • a valid property type

Residential Listings must have:

  • at least 1 bedroom
  • at least 1 bathroom

When utilising a third party product to upload your property data to iProperty there will be a processing delay, both with your provider and iProperty. For example, MyDesktop currently sends data to iProperty every two hours, we then process the data within 15 minutes of receiving it.

If you continue to have difficulties with an individual property appearing on your website, such as it is current and missing, it has not updated with new information or it has been sold/withdrawn and is still appearing on your website, please refer to this article.

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