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Market Watch


The Market watch function is found on the Real Estate tab in iDashboard, underneath Commercial property.

This is a feature that Customer Support can add for you, on request, free of charge.

Market Watch pulls in your current and sold listings data so you can compare it to a competitors current and sold listing data in a particular Canvas Area.

When adding a new appraisal or listing to iDashboard the canvas area created can be selected for that property.

  1. Click on the Real Estate tab.
  2. Click on the Market Properties tab.
  3. You can add your competitors listing details and choose a canvas area. You can now also add images to your market watch properties. Once you have entered all the relevant information click on Create Listing.

The Market Watch will produce a chart that can display a selected canvas area's comparison or all canvas areas.

Then you can have a price comparison / justification report on a particular canvas area that you can print or export as a CSV file.

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