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Employee Linking

This help article is for group offices, where a staff member is an employee of two or more offices within the same group and require the Auto Statistics to be attributed to the one employee account.

Please note the definition for the terms below:

Home Office = Office account where the employee works from and does most of their business.

Linked Office = Office account where the employee also exists within iDashboard and requires those statistics to be applied to their Home Office employee account.

  1. Log into the employees Home Office account and make sure the employee exists with all General Employee Configuration settings completed.
  2. Login to the relevant Linked Office account
  3. Click on Admin
  4. Click on Employees
    If the Employee does not already exist in this account please add them as per this help article.
  5. Click on the Linked Employees name.
  6. Click on the Edit  Tab.
  7. Click on the Login sub-tab.
  8. Select the Employees Home Office Account from the drop down list.
  9. Click Update Employee
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for each Linked Office account


  • John sells across 3 offices in Spotswood, Newport and Yarraville.
  • Spotswood is his Home Office.

For John we would edit his user in Newport and Yarraville (Linked Offices) to be linked with his Spotswood (Home Office) account. Any sales made under the Newport and Yarraville accounts will now be attributed to him in Spotswood.

If you are part of a group of offices and are unable to find this setting please contact iProperty.


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