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General Employee Configuration for Auto Stats

This help article lays out the minimum requirements for a Employee/Staff Member for Auto Statistics to work correctly, and where you make such updates/changes.

Minimum Requirements

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Profile - Profile is extremely import as if they are not marked as their applicable profile type e.g Sales, they will not qualify for awards.
  • Start Date 
  • Rookie Start Date (if applicable)
  • Linked Login Account (if applicable - this option only appears for multi-offices that require this feature)

If the employee does not already exist in the system please click here to find out how to manage your employees.

If you are working with Linked Login Accounts please click here to find out more on this topic.

To update the Minimum Requirements please follow the below steps

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Click on Employees
    If the Employee does not already exist in this account please add them as per this help article.
  3. Click on the Employees name.
  4. Click on the Edit  Tab.
  5. Update First & Last Name.
  6. Select Profile type from drop down list.
  7. Select Start Date.
  8. Select Rookie Start Date (if applicable).
  9. Click Update Employee.
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