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Development Sites & Multiple Lots

This help article is for offices who have sold a development site or multiple lots and need the sale attributed to their auto statistics.

  1. Add the property into iDashboard as a New Appraisal/Listing using the Selling Agent(s) as the Appraiser & Listing Agent(s).
  2. Add in the basics of the property e.g Address & Style
    Please note: There is no need to enter in advertising details such as a Heading and Description as we will not be publishing the property.
  3. Move the property to the Contract status.
  4. Enter in the Minimum Requirements for a Sales Property including VPA and Gross Selling Fee if the property is your office’s listing.
  5. For conjunctional sales only - Please note: you only need to enter your offices portion of the Gross Selling Fee e.g Total Commission = $10,000 conjunctional split is 50/50, you would only enter your portion being $5,000. Also there is no need to enter in VPA as the advertising would have been handled by the listing Company.
  6. Move the property to the appropriate status e.g Sold or Settled

If you need help adding properties into iDashboard please click here to find out how to manage your employees.

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