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How to upload media

You can upload media to your website via the Media tab, or via a Post or Page.

Uploading Media via the MEDIA tab

  1. Log In to your Website. If you do not know how to login to your website, please read this article.
  2. Click on the Media tab.
  3. Click the Add New sub-item.
  4. Drag and drop your media with the Bounding Box, or choose to browse for the files on your computer.


Your Website will display a progress bar to indicate how long it has to upload. Once your media has uploaded successfully a thumbnail and edit link will displayed next to the file name.

Uploading Media via a POST OR PAGE

  1. Log In to your Website.
  2. Click on the Posts or Pages tab.
  3. Either open a pre-existing post or page, or click the Add New sub-item.
  4. Click on the Add Media button.
  5. Drag and drop your media to upload to your chosen Post/Page or click the Select Files button to choose files from your computer.
  6. If you wish to insert your media into your Post/Page, once uploaded choose the size you would like and click the Insert into Post button.
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