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'Premium Concierge' domain name service

iProperty provides a premium concierge domain name and DNS hosting service to our clients. This premium service is designed to be 100% manged by iProperty from start to finish:

  • You are not required to know anything about domain names, how they work or the process of making them work. We do everything for you.

  • Our team are trained in domain name management and know exactly how DNS records work. All changes to your records are reviewed by our team (even when they are requested by other IT professionals) to ensure the changes will not break any existing records.

  • There are no additional fees outside of the domain renewal and DNS hosting costs. If you need a new record or a record change, you simply email or call us and we make the change for you (you are not required to create a 'ticket' or spend an hour on hold trying to speak to our team).

  • Your domain will be assigned 4 unique domain name servers, from a pool of roughly 5,000 servers worldwide (most providers will only give you 2 'shared' servers).

  • When your domain name is coming up for renewal we will call and email you several times to ensure you know about the renewal and to find out what you want to do. 99% of all domain providers will only email you a system generated message and if there is no response they will let your domain name expire - if that happens then your email will stop working and people will not be able to access your website.

What is DNS Hosting?

  • DNS (or Domain Name System) is a service that sits between your actual domain name and the servers that host your website and email. DNS is a bit like a directory of numbers and records. When someone enters your domain name into a browser or sends you an email, DNS translates the request into an IP address (the location of a server).

  • We assign your domain with 4 unique domain name servers, from a pool of roughly 5,000 servers worldwide (most providers will only give you 2 'shared' servers).

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Free DNS or cheap DNS services often do not provide any support on how to enter DNS records or how to resolve issues with your DNS records.

  • Without DNS hosting, your domain name will simply not work.

  • Poor DNS servers that have high latency or multiple timeouts will effect your Google and Bing! rankings. If Google tries to access your website and detects a problem from DNS, it will begin to remove your website (and business!) from Google search results.

  • Domain name and DNS hosting is extremely important to your business - you may not think so but think about this: what would several days of no website and no email hosting do to your business?

  • Quality DNS hosting is extremely important to your business - again, you may not think so, but: what would happen if consumers (such as a potential vendor) were unable to find you on Google?

  • If your domain name expires because your preferred domain supplier was sending renewal notices to an old or unused email address, you will loose the domain name. In this case your website and email (and all other services attached to the domain name) will stop working. Expiry lists allow other people to keep track of expired domain names and purchase them, in this case you will be UNABLE to get the domain name back.

On top of these points, keep in mind that iProperty provides a great support service through our Help Center team. You are able to call or email us at any time and we pride ourselves on high response times and trying to resolve any problems with your first call.

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