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Entire office is not receiving emails

If your entire office is not receiving emails, the IP address of your office connection could be blocked in our servers. If your office is experiencing this, please contact us on 03 9328 5455. Please have your public IP address ready for us when you call. If you are unsure of what your public IP address is you can get it from Google (simply click here and Google will tell you).

The email system that iProperty utilises has strict policies in place to help fight against email hacking, spoofing and spamming. Your office may become blocked if you try to do one of the following things.

  • Press Send/Receive too many times - This is one of the most common reasons for being blocked by the server. An impatient agent is awaiting an email and continuously presses send/receive. The email system sees this as an attack and blocks the external IP address for the user/agency.

  • Failed Log In Attempts from Outlook - If you have an incorrect username or password set in Outlook, the constant checking by Outlook to fetch mail will cause your IP address to be blocked. This applies to other mail clients and Microsoft Exchange*.
  • Failed Web Mail Log In Attempt - The second most common cause. If you enter the incorrect password into webmail 3 or more consecutive times, your external IP address will be blocked causing you to not receive emails.

  • Failed cPanel Log In Attempt - This one only applies to our Self Managed Email customers. Just like webmail, if you enter the wrong password into cPanel 3 or more consecutive times, your external IP address will be blocked and you will be unable to retrieve emails.

*We strongly recommend that Microsoft Exchange and "pop connectors" are NOT used with our email hosting. iProperty will not provide support for this type of setup.

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