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Employee profiles

Employee profiles can be updated in two areas of iDasboard. This can be done via Staff Profiles which can be accessed by hovering over the Website tab and selecting Staff Profiles. This can also be completed via the Employees list in Admin & Account Settings.

  1. Click on the employee you would like to update. If access the employee via Admin & Account Settings you can also select Edit via the Actions menu which is displayed to the right of each employee.
  2. Click the Website Profile tab
  3. From here you can add a photo, website bio, profile video, and Rate My Agent widget if available.
  4. Once updates are completed click Update Employee to save and publish your changes.

The BIO Editor has some basic functionality, such as Underline, Bold, Italic and Strikethrough. As well as some additional formatting such as lists and hyperlinks. There is a paste, paste as text, and paste from word button as well.

Please note: We do not recommend pasting any content from Microsoft Word as this will cause formatting issues and inconsistencies. If you need to, we recommend using the 'paste from word' or 'paste as plain text' buttons.

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