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These instructions are provided for those clients who have their DNS hosted by a company other than iProperty. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Primary Domain DNS Records

Your primary domain name is the one you want to be seen when accessing your website.

Type Record Value
A root/apex

The root/apex record of a domain name allows visitors to go directly to your website without including www at the start of your domain. The IP address provided for this record is a 'www resolver' only.

The CNAME address is for a load balancing service that has a constantly changing IP address. This record MUST be setup as a CNAME record, DO NOT ping the address and use the resulting IP address (read more below).

Additional Domains DNS Records

You can point additional domain names to your website.

Type Record Value
A root/apex
A www


Notify Our Team

Each time you point an additional domain name to your website, please get in touch with our team so that we can allocate your domain name to your website. If you don't notify us, your domain will show a Host Not Found error page.


These instructions must be followed exactly as outlined above. It is very important that the www record be setup as a CNAME record and NOT an A record. DO NOT ping the hubcloud address provided above and use the resolved IP address in an A record; the record will eventually stop working.

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance or need help understanding these instructions, please contact our team on 03 9328 5455 or email us - we offer a DNS hosting service where all of the above can be arranged by and managed by us for you.

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