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Add a New Listing/Appraisal


All new properties must start off in iDashboard as an Appraisal. This applies to all new Lease properties too. Once added, you can then move your Appraisal to a Listing.

  1. From the Real Estate menu select Add an Appraisal
  2. The New Appraisal/Listing window will appear, allowing you to add in the details of your appraisal. The window is divided into sections to make it easier to know where certain criteria should be entered.
  3. Start by selecting the Listing Details. Here you need to;
    • Select a Department (Residential, Rural, Holiday, Commercial or Business)
    • Select a Method (Lease, Open Sale, Exclusive Sale, Auction, etc)
    • Select a Style (House, Apartment, Land, Offices, Retail, etc)
  4. Enter the Appraisal Details. Here you need to;
    • Select the Appraisal Date
    • Select the appraising Agent
    • Enter the appraisal Value as a price range
    • Tick/Untick to Add the Vendor (your Vendor does NOT need to exist in the system to do this)
  5. Enter the Property Details. Here you need to;
    • Select a Canvas Area (more info below)
    • Enter the property street Address
    • Select a Street Type (if your street type is missing, you can enter the type with the street name and leave this drop down box blank)
    • Enter the Postcode or Suburb - this box will auto-suggest a suburb, select the appropriate suburb from the auto-suggest list
  6. Under Features, select the number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Areas, Car Parks, etc.
  7. When you are ready click Create New Appraisal.

The Canvas Areas drop box will only appear if you have Canvas Areas setup in the Admin section of iDashboard. For more information on Canvas Areas, how they help and how to set them up, please refer to this article.

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