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Property Status Types & Workflow

The diagram below outlines the status flow of both Sale and Rental properties. All properties must start off in iDashboard as an Appraisal.

Sales may have a status of Appraisal, Listed, Under Contract, Sold or Settled. Rentals may have a status of Appraisal, Listed, Under Application or Leased.

Sales and Rentals can both me marked as Lost, Rejected, Withdrawn or Historical.

Definitions & Considerations

  • Lost - The vendor decided to list with another agency
  • Rejected - The vendor has decided not to sell
  • Under Application - Rentals only. You have received an application for this rental, your property will continue to appear as a regular available listing on websites
  • Sold/Settled - Sales only. Your property will simply appear as Sold on websites. It is entirely up to your office as to when you consider a property 'Sold' and 'Settled'.

For more information on how to change the status of your property, please refer to this article.

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