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As of 1st December 2013, iDashboard will no longer accept image uploads greater than 2MB.

This article outlines the general principals when uploading images and floorplans to iDashboard, including recommended file sizes, file dimensions and tools to help you quickly resize images before upload.


Tips and recommendations:

File size
Images MUST be below 2 megabytes. The preferred size is less than 500kb. This not only ensures the images will upload to iDashboard fast, but they will also appear on your website faster too. Some modern cameras can save images in excess of 25 megabytes which is too large to upload to iDashboard.

File dimensions
Always try to upload landscape images in a 4:3 ratio. We recommend images be no smaller than 1,500px wide by 1,12px high.

File types
Property images can be uploaded as JPEG, GIF or PNG. Floor plans can even be uploaded as a PDF, JPEG, GIF or PNG. If you upload a PDF floorplan we will convert the PDF to an image for you.


Tools to help you resize images:

Windows Our long term recommendation is still Irfanview for our Windows users. Once you know it, Irfanview is the easiest way to resize one image or multiple images. Not only is it easy, but you will never loose quality on your optimised images. Available for download from

Mac OS ResizeIt is availabe from the Mac App Store for free. It is a very simple and easy-to-use resizing app. Simply enter a percentage to reduce your images by and you are done. Available on the App Store via

Online (for everyone!) Pic Resize is a free and easy to use online tool that allows you to upload your images and optimise them, one by one or in bulk. In our own tests we were able to optimise a 25MB image down to 1.3MB, without loosing any image quality. Just remember that large images take time to upload to any website. Check it out at


Other things to keep in mind:

Bulk uploads
Try to limit bulk uploads to 5-6 images at a time. Once you have uploaded your first batch proceed to doing your second batch.

Professionally altered (photo-shopped) images can sometimes be saved in CMYK format. CMYK is a format for professional printing. iDashboard does not permit the uploading of CMYK photos and they will be rejected by the uploader. Ensure your images, when altering, are saved as RGB.

Keeping portals happy
There is no need to upload an exact file dimension to please websites like or We will take care of this for you after you upload your photos.

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