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Send Open Home SMS alert

You can now quickly SMS all interested buyers, property matched contacts or even a group of contacts an upcoming Open Time from the Open Home manager. The property address and open time are used to automatically form an editable message for you making it really easy and really fast. You can check it out on the Open Homes tab in your listings.

  1. Search for or browse to your property in the 'Real Estate' tab and open your property.
  2. Click on the 'Inspections' Tab.
  3. Click on the Send SMS link located in the far right column. Note that you can only send an SMS for future Open Times.
  4. A pop up Send SMS box will appear, the property address and Open Home time will self populate.

You can choose to send the message straight away or modify the message to better suit your audience. Remember, messages can be sent to Interested Buyers, Matched Contacts or a group of contacts.

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