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Enter Sale Price & Commission Information

There are two ways to enter the Contract Price (Sale Price) of a property.

  1. When you change the status of the property to Contract, Sold or Settled
  2. By entering it on the Edit >> Commissions tab.

(If you upload to iDashboard/iProperty from a third party software provider the Contract Price will automatically be set for you, as long as you enter it into your software)

First we will cover how to enter the Contract Price (or Sale Price) by changing the status, and then we will move onto adding these details along with the Commission information from the Commissions tab.

Changing a Property Status from Listed to Under Contract

  1. Open the Listed Property.
  2. Click on the  right arrow of the status bar.
  3. A dialogue should appear asking for the Sales Agent, Contract Price and Exchange Date.
  4. Enter information into every field.
  5. Click on Advance to Under Contract.

You have now entered in your basic sales information, the same dialogue box will appear when you move the property from Under Contract to Sold and from Sold to Settled, so this information can be updated at each status change.

Now that we know how to add the basic sales information, lets move onto editing (or adding) a Sale Price and Commission from the Commissions Tab.


Enter Sale Price and Commission Information from the Commissions Tab

  1. Open the Listed Property.
  2. Once you are in the Property Summary screen click on the  Edit tab.
  3. Click on the sub tab titled 'Commissions'.
  4. Here we can enter our 'Contact Price' and wether we want it disclose the Contract Price to the Websites/Portals.
  5. Now we can enter in either a Dollar or Percentage figure as the 'Gross Selling Fee'
  6. Next enter in the Tax percentage, by default this is 10%.
  7. Now that we have our Contract Price and Commission total entered, lets move onto the 'Commission Breakdown'.
  8. Click on 'Edit Breakdowns' below the Contract information box.
  9. Here we can apply a pre-set commission structure (if already set in the system), by selecting the structure and clicking Reapply.
  10. To edit the commission breakdown, start by adding the allocated percentage totals to each component e.g Listing Component = 20% of total commission.
  11. Next we need to assign how much of the Component Commission is going to each employee (or office).
  12. Select from the drop down list which employee should receive a portion of the relative Component, then hit the green plus symbol.
  13. Repeat this for each component and then select Update Property

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