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Download a Listing QR Code

iDashboard allows you generate a QR Code for listings that can be used for Sign Boards or other advertisements. The QR Code generated will link directly to the listing on your website.

To be able to generate a listings QR Code your property must be published, your website URL in Admin Settings is not blank, and you must have a website managed by us.

You can generate a listings QR Code by doing the following:

  1. Open the listing you would like to generate a QR Code for by clicking the street address.
  2. Click the QR Code button located with the other action buttons in the top right corner of the listing.
  3. Confirm the QR Code is working by scanning the code provided in the QR Code window then click Download.
  4. Your QR Code will be downloaded as a high quality PNG file that used for signboards and other advertisements.


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