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QR Code Checkin for Open Homes and Private Inspections

In iDashboard you can generate a QR Code which will allow visitors to checkin to scheduled open homes or private inspections

Each inspection you create in iDashboard is assigned its own QR code, ensuring visitors can check into the correct inspection. You will need to ensure you download a new QR poster for each inspection time. You only need to download one Private Inspection QR poster. You can generate QR posters 3 different ways:

  • From the Open Home Manager, for individual inspection times
  • From within your Listing, from the Inspections tab, for individual inspection times or the Private Inspections tab for private inspections
  • In bulk, from the Marketing Reports section, allowing you to generate a QR poster for every upcoming inspection time in a single click

Scanning QR Codes

Visitors use their smartphone to scan the QR code on the QR poster, and are then directed to a simple check in form. Visitors are required to enter their first name, last name and mobile phone number, and optionally enter their email address. Update: As of 19 Jan 2021, email address is now mandatory.

iDashboard intelligently uses the visitors mobile phone number and email address (if provided) to match their details with your existing contacts database, helping to reduce duplicates. If the person is not found, they are created as a regular contact in iDashboard and then assigned to the inspection as a visitor.

Visitors can check into an inspection up to 1 hour after the end time, ensuring visitors are unable to check into old inspection times.

Want Custom Branding?

The QR posters and online self check in form can be customised with your agency branding, replacing the standard grey ‘Welcome’ banner that is visible by default. If you want to customise your self check in experience with your agency brand, please get in touch with our team by calling 1800 432 742 or email

Open Home Wizard

Self check in works perfectly with iDashboard’s Open Home Wizard – as visitors check themselves in via the QR poster, they will appear in the wizard interface. For more information on the Open Home Wizard and how it can help you with COVID Safe check ins, click here.

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