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How do I check why a property has been rejected by an external portal?

There are a lot of reasons why a property may be rejected by an external portal. To see a list of common reasons for why a property wont upload/gets rejected, please refer to this article.

  1. In order for you to check why a listing has been rejected go to the properties summary page, and click on the  Feeds tab.
  2. Down the Status column there will be in red Rejection, click on the Date/Time on the line where the rejection appears.
  3. Failures can be displayed in one of two ways. The first kind of error occurs generally when some required information has not been added to the property listing, and is quite easy to see:rejected_by_portal3.jpg
  4. The second kind of error uses the response that iDashboard receives from the external portal. Once you have clicked into the error file you will need to click on the blue link that says 'more' Under the section that reads 'Received response from REA':rejected_by_portal4.jpg
  5. You can see the response that we receive from - in this example the listing has been rejected because the bathroom is invalid (nothing has been selected so it has gone to with 0 bathrooms).rejected_by_portal5.jpg
  6. Once you have corrected the error that is occurring (such as selecting the number of bathrooms the property has) click on update to create a new file which will be sent to the external portals.
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