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Why Isn't My Property Online?

If you have a property which is not yet published online, follow these steps.

  1. Is the property published? Click here to learn how to publish your property.
  2. Ensure you have waited at least 30 minutes, for loading to your agency website and at least 1 hour for uploads to external websites such as and
  3. Look for an error message. You can check on the summary page and via the edit tab.
  4. Has the property been rejected? Click here to learn how to check why a property has been rejected from an external portal.

Reasons a property will fail to publish:

  1. Missing heading
  2. Missing internet description (This is not to be confused with brochure description)
  3. Missing bathroom value
  4. Missing bedroom value
  5. At least one of the following must be selected: lisitng agent, managing agent, contact agent.
  6. Missing address. Including: Street number, name, suburb and postcode matching Australia Post directory.
  7. Missing price (remember you can tick hide the price)
  8. Missing photo (property must have at least one photo to be published online)

Other things to check:

  1. Is the publishing date in the future? A property will not be published if the publishing date is after today's date. You can check the publishing date by selecting edit (next to publish).
  2. Is the listing agent that has been selected an active employee? In order for a property to be published you should make sure that the listing agent has been selected to appear on your website. to check this, go to Admin... Employees and check the 'On Website' check box has been ticked. Once selected, you will need to update the property listing to ensure your property is published with the new setting.
  3. If the property is Commercial / Business, do you have a Land and Building Size Specified into iDashboard?

Please Note: Average uploading times to an agency website is anywhere from 15 minutes, to 45 minutes. For domain, anywhere from 30 minutes, to 2 hours, and for is 30 minutes to 2 hours. These averages will vary depending on how many updates are being sent from iDashboard, and how many property updates are received by each portal.

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