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Description is cut off

When generating a window card, brochure, invitation, dropper, handout or any other piece of printable marketing material, sometimes the text will be cut-off, truncated or stops suddenly with '...' on the end;

If the description of the property fills the entire space and there is NO triple dot on the end (...), then the template you are using has simply run out of space. Consider using a smaller brochure description.

If the description of the property suddenly stops with a triple dot on the end (...) and it looks like there is plenty of room for more text, it is because you are not using the Brochure Description on the property. When you do not use the brochure description, we use the Internet Description as a backup and truncate it with a triple dot.

You can activate the Brochure Description by editing your property Advertisement and ensuring Use a different description for print-outs is selected. For more on editing your property advertisement, please refer to this article.

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