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Make a property booklet


  1. Hover your mouse over the Reports tab and select Property Booklet.
  2. Select your preferred layout, or for an A5 booklet select Internal Layout 4pp.
  3. Select the properties you wish to include in the property booklet (either by using the create a custom list feature, Or by selecting the specific department).
  4. Click the Generate Report button.

To print this Booklet off at A5.

  1. In your PDF Viewer, click the Print button, then click Properties next to the printer drop down.
  2. Click the Paper/Quality tab, then select “A4”
  3. Click the Effects tab, then change the Resizing Options to Print document on: A5 (Scale to fit).
  4. Click on the Finishing tab, and change “Pages per sheet” to “2 pages per sheet”.
  5. Finally, click the OK button, and then click the final OK button, which will cause the document to be sent to the printer.

Please be advised that this A5 printing option may not be compatible with some printers. To see if your printer is compatible, please refer to your printer manual, or contact your printer manufacturer.

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