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Getting help on an individual property

iDashboard has a help request feature built into each property in your account. You can use this feature to get fast assistance with an individual property - we will automatically know your account information, your name and the property you require assistance with.

  1. Within your property, on the right-hand side above Vendor Solicitor or Landlord Solicitor, click Need help with this property?
  2. The Getting helpwindow will appear. We automatically fill in your name and email from the account that is logged in, however if you are logged in as someone other than yourself (naughty!) then you can change it now.
  3. Add your message explaining what you require assistance with.
  4. Click Send.

Once you click Send, your request will be logged with the iProperty Team immediately and you should expect a reply within 12 business hours.

For more information on getting assistance from iProperty, please refer to this article.

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