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What are XML property uploads?

iDashboard can automatically upload your listings to other real estate portals that you have a subscription with. To obtain a subscription please contact the relevant portal and enquire about an agency id to allow iProperty to be your bulk uploader.

iDashboard can currently load to:-

  • ABC RealEstate
  • AC Property
  • Domain
  • Home Away
  • Homely
  • HomesGuide
  • Home Hound
  • Home Sales
  • Interactive Displays
  • MyPackage
  • O4idigital
  • On The House
  • Proactive eBook
  • REIQ
  • RP Data
  • ReNet
  • RealEstate On The Web
  • RealEstateView
  • RealEstate World
  • Realestate1
  • Splash Displays
  • The Advertiser
  • TheHomePage / Million Plus

How does it all work?

When you create or update a listing in iDashboard that is published, our system automatically generates an XML file to send to the relevant portal. An XML file is basically a fancy text document that contains all the information about your listing, such as the advertisement, price, price visibility, features and much more. It also contains links telling the portal where it can find your property images. Once this XML file is generated it is loaded to the portals queue on their own servers and waits to be processed. Once processed the portal will either accept the listing and publish it to the public or reject the listing and send back a notification as to why it failed. More information on why a property upload fails can be found here.

How to I get started?

  1. Ensure you have an XML Subscription with iProperty.
  2. Contact the Portal you wish to load to, open an account with them and advise them you want to use iProperty as your 'bulk uploader' (they will know what this means).
  3. The portal will get in contact with iProperty directly and we will activate the feed.
  4. Ensure all future listings are published to the new portal.
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