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Website Marketing shows you which websites (portals) you are uploading your property to. Some portals show you an up-to-the-minute status and estimated delay time.

Your property is in queue on iDashboard and we are preparing to upload your property.

Your property has been uploaded to the portal, but the update may not yet have been processed by the portal.

This property has been removed from the portal's main listing area (i.e. the property has moved to Sold or the property type is not supported).

There is a problem with the property and we could not upload it, most likely because of missing listing information. Check the error messages under the Edit tab to see what information might be missing.

XX mins Delay - The delay time is the current approximate time the portal is taking to process an update. iDashboard is an instant uploader, meaning we load your properties to the portals almost instantly, however these updates wait in a queue once delivered to the portal. The delay is the time is takes the portal to process the update and respond back to iDashboard with the outcome. The delay time is a good way to gauge if an individual portal is experiencing processing delays.

ID Not Received - The portal you are loading to reports back to iDashboard on the status of your property. ID Not Received means we have not yet received a status update or the ID for that portal. This should not be used as a definitive indication as to whether or not the property successfully uploaded.

Unavailable - Not all portals report back to iProperty on the status of your property upload. Unavailable means that the ID number for that portal is not supported and therefor unavailable to be shown in iDashboard.

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