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Outgoing Feeds

The Outgoing Feed feature shows the feed going from iDashboard to, Domain, Home Hound and other portals. You can use this to check whether a property has been set up correctly in iDashboard and to find out why a property hasn't published on the internet.

An Outgoing Feed is an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) message that is sent to portals on the internet. It has all the information of the property that is being updated or published online. iDashboard sends a new HTML message every time a property is updated.

To view this HTML

  1. Click on the Admin tab.
  2. Click on Outgoing Feeds.
  3. Type in the Property ID (PID) in the search field.

This will display all outgoing feed that have been sent from this property. The status of the feeds is on the left hand side. The status will either say Success, Failure or Pending (in process now). If a the status says Fail, click on the link in the time column to bring up more details.

The most common reason a property has not published onto a portal is when some required information has not been added to the property listing, and is quite easy to see:

The second kind of error uses the response that iDashboard recieves from the external portal. Once you have clicked into the error file you will need to click on the blue link that says 'more' Under the section that reads 'Received response from REA '

You can see the response that we receive from - in this example the listing has been rejected because the bathroom is invalid (nothing has been selected so it has gone to with 0 bathrooms).

Once you have corrected the error that is occurring (such as selecting the number of bathrooms the property has) click on update to create a new file which will be sent to the external portals.

Please note: If you are unable to see the Outgoing feeds section in Admin your role does not have access to view exported syndications. Your role can be changed by any user of iDashboard that has administration access.

Please note: Although this article refers to this portal has been used as an example only, and this article relates to all portals that are updated through iDashboard

If a listing has been rejected by an external portal (such as or this will be indicated in the publishing section of the property summary page

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