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Create a SMS Template With Merge Fields

SMS Templates are a great way to send out an SMS to a contact or contacts without having to write the same message every time. What makes SMS Templates even better is that you can use Mail Merge Fields with your SMS Template to merge inspection time, advertised prices, contact names and much more.

All Mail Merge fields are compatible with SMS Templates and you can view the full list of merge fields in IDashboard by going to Admin & Account Settings > Library > Mail Merge Fields. Or alternatively you can view the iDashboard Mail Merge fields via the articles below.

To user Mail Merge fields with your SMS Templates simply copy and paste the merge fields you wish to use into your template.

NOTE: SMS from iDashboard can only be 160 Characters long. Keep in mind when creating your SMS Templates to keep them at or below the maximum 160 Character limit.

A list of all available Merge Fields can be located by going to Admin & Account Settings > Library > Mail Merge Fields. Or alternatively all Mail Merge fields can be located in the following articles.

How to add a SMS Template to IDashboard

  1. In iDashboard go to Admin & Account Settings > Library
  2. Click Add New Item
  3. Select SMS Template
  4. Give your SMS Template a name
  5. If you wish, enter a description for your template
  6. Enter the content for the template in to the Content text area.
  7. Click Create Item

Your SMS Template has been saved to iDashboard. You will be able to use your SMS Template when sending a SMS from a property or contact, and you will also be able to use them when sending a Bulk SMS from WorkSpace.

To get you started with SMS Templates we have provided some example templates that you can add to your iDashboard account to begin using templates straight away.


Just Listed

{{ property.street_and_suburb }} has just been listed for {{ property.advertised_price }} by {{ }}

Just Sold

{{ property.street_and_suburb }} has just been sold for {{ property.contract_price }} by {{ }}

Open Home - Thank you for visiting

Thank you for visiting our open at {{ property.street }}, {{ property.suburb }} - any queries contact {{ }}

Open Home - Next Invite

Attend our next inspection for {{ property.street }}, {{ property.suburb }} on {{ property.next_inspection.start_at.date_and_time_au }}

Auction Invitation

You are invited to our Auction for {{ property.street }}. {{ property.suburb }} on {{ property.auction_date.date_and_time_au }}

Price Reduction

The price for {{ property.street }}, {{ property.suburb }} has been reduced to {{ property.advertised_price }}


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