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Using Mail Merge Fields in Emails

iDashboard allows you to use Mail Merge fields in all types of emails sent from iDashboard.

All Mail Merge fields are compatible with the emails in iDashboard, however to make it easier for users a list of the most common merge fields used in emails has been provided when editing your email.

A list of all available Merge Fields can be located by going to Admin & Account Settings > Library > Mail Merge Fields. Or alternatively all Mail Merge fields can be located in the following articles.

Inserting Merge Fields into Emails

  1. In your email, automatic composition or newsletter in iDashboard place you text cursor where you would like to insert the mail merge field.
  2. Select the  icon within the editing tools for the email.
  3. A list of the most commonly used mail merge fields will be displayed.
  4. To insert a mail merge field click on the Green Arrow next to the merge field you would like to insert.
  5. Repeat the steps as necessary. 
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