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Send an SMS to contacts

Keeping in contact with your clients in iDashboard is even easier with SMS. You can quickly SMS your contacts from a multitude of different areas of iDashboard including but not limited to:

  • On a contacts summary screen, there is a yellow Send SMS button.
  • Top right of a property summary screen, there is a  Send SMS button.
  • A properties Open Home tab that contains a list of visitors, there is a  Send SMS button.
  • From your WorkSpace you can bulk text all contacts currently in your WorkSpace.

When you send an SMS you can select the following:

  • Who the SMS is sent from.
  • The mobile number(s) or recipient the SMS is sent to.
  • A property the SMS is about.
  • A message template (if applicable).
  • The message.
  • You can also insert a mini link (URL) of the property you have selected (must be published & the site hosted by iProperty).

Once you are happy with the message click Send SMS.

For help with purchasing more SMS credits, please refer to this article.

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