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Lead Properties


Lead Properties allows you to track properties that a Vendor or Investor owns without having to actually appraise the property. Lead Properties can be both Sales and Rentals.

For example, you may have an Investor with several properties, but you only manage 1 of them. You can track their other Investment Properties in the Lead Properties tab as a prompt next time you talk to that contact.

Alternatively you may have missed out on an Exclusive Listing. You can add the property into Lead Properties with a reminder set on the date the exclusivity period ends with the other agency.

Add a New Lead Property

  1.  Hover your mouse over the Contacts tab and select it.
  2. Load up the owner of the lead property (if you have not put the owner in yet, then please create the owner as a contact and then follow this guide)
  3. Click on the "Properties" tab once you have loaded your contact up.
  4. Click on the "Prospect Properties" Tab
  5. Simply fill out this form, and click "Add Lead Property".


Editing / Deleting A Lead Property

  1. Click the Contacts tab in iDashboard.
  2. Load up the contact who owns the Lead Property you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Properties tab, and then click the "Edit Lead Property" subtab.
  4. Click on a property from the list located under the edit lead property box.
  5. To delete the lead property, click "Remove Lead Property", to modify it, simply fill out the form, and click on "Update Lead Property".


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