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Add a new contact


1. From the Contacts menu select Add a contact

2. The New Contact window will appear, allowing you to add in the details of your contact. The window is divided into tabs to make it easier to know where certain criteria should be entered.

3. Enter your contacts basic information in the Details tab. Here you can;

  • Select your Contact Type, if they are a Person or a Company
  • Select appropriate Categories for your contact
  • Enter their Name
  • Select their Company (if you are adding a Person)
  • Enter their Email and tick whether they should receive emails from the system
  • Select the Owner of the contact and whether the contact is Only visible to to the owner (i.e. private)

Top Tip! Individual contacts can have many Categories. You can add and edit categories in the Admin section under Contact Categories.

4. Enter your contacts Partners Details on the next tab, including their Name and Email Address

5. Enter your contacts Phone Numbers on the next tab, including their Home, Work, Mobile and Fax numbers. If you need to add a custom phone number enter the description in the blank field below Fax. You can add more custom numbers by pressing the green plus icon to the right of the fields.

6. Enter your contacts Addresses on the next tab, including their Residential Address, Postal Address, Letter Greeting and Envelope Greeting.

7. Enter your contacts Social media names on the next tab.

8. Select your contacts preferred Subscriptions on the next tab - these are email subscriptions sent out from iDashboard either automatically (Automatic Weekly Emails) or manually (Newsletters & Magazines).

Top Tip! All emails that originate from iDashboard have an unsubscribe link in the footer. Contacts can easily & automatically unsubscribe from your email subscriptions through this link.

9. On the last tab, enter your contacts Property Match criteria (perfect for potential buyers and tenants!). Property Match criteria is used to automatically match properties to the buyer or tenant and then email those properties automatically. Here you can;

  • Select if the contact is interested in sales or rentals
  • Enter a Price Range (i.e. how much the contact has to spend)
  • Select Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Car Spaces
  • Select Suburbs
  • Select Property Types

10. When ready, click the blue Create Contact button at the bottom of the window. When your contact is created in the system they will automatically be displayed for you.

Top Tip! If you are in a hurry, you only need to fill in the name on your contact, however we recommend entering a name, category, email address and phone number at a minimum.


For more information on Editing, Archiving & Deleting Contacts, please refer to this article.

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