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Generating a Contacts Report

This article will show you how to generate a list of your contacts. It will also demonstrate how to sort your contacts and generate a CSV file for internal office use.

1. Click Reports in iDashboard, then Reports > Office Reports > Contacts Exporter.

2. Filter contacts according to Name, Allocated Agent, Contact Type, Status, Date of Last Contact, WorkSpace Contacts, Categories and Contact Sources. Optional


3. More than 1 Contact Category and Contact Source can be selected at this point. Simply select a category from the drop down menu and click Add to Filters to add more than one category.

4. Select which information you would like to display. In this example we are displaying the Full Name, Company, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Contact Source and Allocated Employee.


5. Click Generate to generate this list.

6. Once generated you will be provided the option to export your contacts via CSV, Excel or PDF. You will also be given the option to Print your contact list.

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