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How Buyer Matching works


iDashboard provides a great way to perform matches for your buyers and tenants based on their specific market requirements. iDashboard performs exact matches, not partial matches, which ensures the results are far more accurate and matches exactly what your contact has requested.

Matching is exact - there is no partial or percentage matching performed by iDashboard. This means that if a buyer tells you that they are willing to spend between $400,000 and $500,000, then only properties with a price or price range falling within this requirement will be matched. Properties with a low or high price outside this range will not be considered a match as the property is considered too cheap or too expensive for the contact,even if the price requirement and property price partially overlap.

Exact matches have been carefully implemented and developed with agent consultation - the main focus is to ensure contacts DO NOT receive properties that are too cheap, too expensive or simply don't match - there is nothing more embarrassing then a buyer contacting you asking why you have sent them properties that don't match what they are looking for.

Everything must match - the more requirements you specify, the more accurate the matches properties will be. If your buyer specifically tells you that they want a property with only 3 Bedrooms and in North Melbourne, then only those properties in North Melbourne with 3 Bedrooms will be returned.

Matching more properties - if you want to match more properties then you should be very broad with the requirements you enter into iDashboard. For example if a contact is willing to spending a maximum of $500,000 on a 3 Bedroom home, then simply omit a low price requirement. This means that it doesn't matter if the property is $150,000 or $350,000, it will match.

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