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How to setup an email account in Thunderbird


iProperty email account service fees include hosting and management of emails through our dedicated servers. All necessary details required for the account will be provided to the account holder and include password, username, incoming and outgoing mail server. Any additional assistance required for setting up third party software should be directed to the support team for the software provider.

Services that can be purchased in addition to the hosting account include a once-off set up fee where a support staff member can guide you through the email set up using Microsoft Office. This is ONLY applicable during the set up of the email account and does not apply to pre-existing email accounts.

To begin we will open Mozilla Thunderbird & go to "Tools --> Account Settings"

Once the dialogue appears, locate the "Add Account" button and click.

Check the "Email Account" box & proceed by clicking "Next".

You will now be requested to enter:
"Your Name", this field can be populated with your company name or your personal name, remember that when you send an e-mail this is received as the "recipient", for example if you owned a company called "John's Real Estate", this is what will be seen when an email is sent to another user.

"Email Address", this field will be the e-mail address which has been set up for you, for example

Proceed and click "Next", you will now be presented with a screen to choose the type of mail configuration you would like used, check POP & insert the incoming mail server as "" (you will need to modify this). and proceed by clicking "Next".

You will now be prompted to insert the following:
Incoming username: The incoming username will need to be set as the e-mail address, for example

Outgoing username: The outgoing username will need to be set as

Proceed by clicking Next, you will now be prompted to insert the "Account Name", this needs to be set as the e-mail address which was originally setup -

Congratulations, you have now setup your e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird., you are now ready to send & receive e-mail. Notice that you have not inserted a password as of yet, you will be requested to insert the password of the e-mail account upon clicking the "Get Mail" icon on the the far left side of the screen.

If your outgoing mail server has not already been setup this will need to be done in order to allow for your outgoing mail server to respond. The outgoing mail server will need to be setup as ""

See Outgoing Mail Servers for a list of some Australian ISP outgoing mail servers

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