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How to whitelist enquiry emails

To ensure that you do not receive spam enquiries in iDashboard lead email addresses may need to be whitelisted in your account. By default the enquiry emails for and are whitelisted for you.

If you notice that leads from other portals are not being added to iDashboard you can whitelist their email address by doing the following:

  1. Go to Admin & Account Settings.
  2. Go to Company > Lead Inbox Whitelist (envelope icon)
  3. Click Add To Whitelist
  4. Provide a Name for the whitelist. We recommend using the portal name.
  5. If enquiries are only sent from the one email address select Email from the Match Type option and enter the full portal enquiry email into the Email/Domain field. For example if enquiries are sent from you would enter this into the Email/Domain field.

    If you are unsure the email address that enquiries are sent from you can select Domain from the Match Type option and enter the portal domain (without the www) into the Email/Domain field. For example if enquiries are sent from you would enter this into the Email/Domain field.
  6. Set whether the whitelist entry should be Active. By default this will be set to Yes.
  7. Click Create.

In the future if you would like to stop enquiries coming from a whitelisted domain or email address you can either delete this whitelist entry by clicking the Delete link, or edit the whitelist entry and set the Active field to No.


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