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Getting to know the Leads Inbox

All leads sent to an agent are delivered to their inbox as per normal and also delivered to their iDashboard Leads Inbox.

The Leads Inbox can be accessed by going to Contacts > Leads Inbox, or by using the dedicated Leads Inbox menu item located to the left of the Dashboard menu item.

The dedicated Leads Inbox menu item will update the count in real time which means that you will be able to view the number of unread enquiries you have received without having to refresh the page. 


Leads are displayed in the order they are received, with the most recent being displayed first.

Filter Options

Agents are able to filter the leads displayed  by using the filter options available in the top right of the Leads Inbox. The options available are:

  • New & In Process - Shows all leads that are new and have not been marked as completed
  • Completed - View all leads marked as completed.
  • All - View all leads regardless of status.

Admin users are also able to filter by employee to view leads that have been received by a particular agent.

Leads View

By default new leads are displayed when first accessing the Leads Inbox. The following information is displayed for each lead received:

  • Date / Time - The date and time the lead was received.
  • Type - The lead type
  • Contact - Will display the contact auto matched in your iDashboard account or allow you to create/select a contact.
  • Property - Will display the listing auto matched in iDashboard, or allow you to manually select a listing if one could not be matched with the information provided.
  • Comments - The body of the enquiry received. Also provides the option to view the full enquiry email received.
  • Actions - Allow you to reply to the lead via email, leave a phone not on the lead, mark the lead as completed, or delete the enquiry. Please note that only super users/admins and users with the Can delete enquiries permission will be able to delete enquiries.
  • View More - Allows you to view the history of the lead. If you have replied to a lead via email or left a phone note these will be displayed here. 
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