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Lead Inbox Settings

There are settings available for the Lead Inbox which will determine how contacts are managed when added to iDashboard from enquiries.

The below settings can be found by going to Admin & Account Settings > Company > Edit > Preferences. These settings will only apply to contact that are created once the applicable setting is activated in your iDashboard account. These settings will not apply to contacts that have already been created from enquiries.

Property Methods


This setting allows you to enable enquiry capturing for either All Properties, Sale or Rental listings only. This setting is set to All Properties by default.

Create contacts with no last name


This setting allows iDashboard to automatically create contacts from received enquiries where the contact has not provided their last name. A ? will be used in the last name field of the contact when created.

This setting is on by default and can be turned off at anytime.

Contact Sources


This setting allows the contact source to be automatically added to the contact. This setting is Off by default and the below options are available.

  • Off - Sources will not be automatically assigned to contacts that are created from enquiries.
  • Automatic - This allows the system to automatically create a new source based on each portal that enquiries are received from, and assign that source to the contacts that are created from those enquiries. For example, enquires sent from will have the source created and assigned to contacts that were created from those enquiries.
  • Default Source - This allows you to choose a source, that already exists in your iDashboard account, that will be assigned to all contacts that are created from enquiries regardless of the portal they are sent from.

Assign Contact Owner


This setting allows the system to automatically set the agent that has received the enquiry as the owner of the contact that gets created from the received enquiry. This setting is Off by default.

Assign Categories


This setting allows you to automatically assign contacts to contact categories when they are created from incoming enquiries. 

This allows you to choose separate categories for sale and rental enquiries.

TIP: You can set up automatic campaigns and newsletters to automatically subscribe contacts based on the contact category they are assigned to. Utilising this feature will allow you to subscribe contacts, created from incoming enquiries, to Automatic Campaigns and Newsletters in iDashboard. You can learn how to do this by viewing the Automatically Subscribe Contacts to Campaigns article.


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