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Setting up Leads Inbox to receive enquiries from Portals

Finding your Leads Email Address

iDashboard provides an Agency lead email address and Agent lead email addresses. You can locate the agency or agent lead emails by following the appropriate instructions below.

Agency Lead Email

  1. Go to Admin & Account Settings
  2. Click Company > Your Office (Magnifying Glass icon)
  3. The Agency Lead email is located via the Agency Lead Inbox field.

Agent Lead Email

  1. Go to Admin & Account Settings
  2. Click Employees then click on the employees name you would like to get the Lead Email for.
  3. The employees lead email can be located in the Lead Inbox field, and the email combination we recommend for can be located via the Profile Email field.

Updating the portals with your new Leads Email

iDashboard will automatically notify and other portals of your leads email address. All enquires will continue to be sent to the Agents email as well as their Lead Inbox.

You will need to update your email addresses in via Agent Admin to ensure that leads are captured from their website.

To update your emails you will need to do the below.

  1. Login to Agent Admin via and select to Manage Profiles to bring up the list of agents and their current contact emails.
  2. Click Edit for an employee and update the Email and Confirm Email fields with the Profile Email in iDashboard. We recommend using the Copy to clipboard option in iDashboard to ensure that both emails are copied in full, then pasting the copied text into the email field in Agent Admin. This will ensure that agents will continue to receive leads via their own email as well as via the Lead Inbox in iDashboard.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all employees that you would like to update.

These instructions for are correct as of 9th August 2021. You can find out more information on how to update your email address by visiting the Adding multiple email addresses to your Agent Profile article on REA Group Support. does not support enquiry emails for individual employees. However, if you list properties on they support an agency-wide enquiry email address.

You can locate your agency-wide enquiry email address by going to Admin & Account Settings > Company > Your Office. Simply copy the Agency Lead Inbox address and send it to to have it linked with your account.

The instructions for are correct as of 13th February 2023.


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