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Create an automatic composition

The Automated Compositions area is a powerful tool that allows you to automate various types of email broadcast to appropriate contacts in your database.

Automated Compositions is broken up into 3 types of composition:

  • What’s Happening Summary – an automated email including upcoming OFI times, upcoming auctions as well as new, sold, and leased properties.
  • Requirements Match – an automated email showing properties, whether rental or for sale, that match the requirements of contacts who are subscribed.
  • Early Bird Alert – an automated email with Early Bird alerts to subscribers for properties which have just entered their early bird period.

Setting up an Automated Composition:

  1. After logging into iDashboard, hover your mouse over the Campaigns Tab at the top of your screen, then click on Auto Campaigns.
  2. To create a new one, click on  New Automatic Composition.
  3. Click on the composition type you would like to setup.
  4. For each of the 3 Automated Composition types, you are presented with tabs for Email Contents, Sending Settings and Subscribers.
  5. In the Email Contents tab, you may edit the subject heading and create a standard message that sits above the properties that are in the alert.
  6. You can also change the types of property included in the alert by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  7. If you are setting up a What's Happening Summary email you will need to set the applicable days amounts for Open Home Times, New Listings, Price Reductions, Sold/Leased Properties, Upcoming Auctions, Under Contract Properties, Featured Listings, and Prestige Listings. For example if you would like to show the next 7 days worth of Open Homes you will need to enter in the applicable field. If you do not want to display particular listings you can enter 0 in to the applicable field.
  8. Before moving to another tab, be sure to click Update Settings.
  9. Click on the Sending Settings tab. On this page you can edit the name of the composition so you may find it later, the from address and schedule to which the emails are sent.
  10. Lastly, you can choose the recipients for your alert in the Recipients tab. Select from particular groups in your database or subscribers from previous campaigns.
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