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Custom branded email layouts & templates

Our PDF marketing material generator allows us to create completely customised brochures, window cards, droppers, invitations, sale handouts, rental handouts, open home handouts, booklets and much, much more.

Cusotmised email templates and layouts can be created for individual offices or for a group of offices (even if you belong to a large brand that already has an email template in iDashboard). We can create something completely new for you or we can work from an existing template you may be using.

Turn-around time to build a single custom email template is generally two to three weeks and starts at $600 + GST per template, depending on the amount of design and coding work required. The fee is for the initial design and templating service and once installed in your account is available to you for the life of your iDashboard account.

If you want to know more about getting custom-designed email templates in iDashboard, please contact our team on 03 9328 5455 or create a new request.

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