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Create a newsletter series

Newsletters, property alerts and general marketing emails can be a chore in the hectic day-to-day life of the real estate agent. But they needn't be.

iProperty's Newsletter system allows you to setup a range of templates you need for ongoing use. Then from you, it's simply a matter of a few lines of text, select the properties you want to include from iDashboard, select the recipients from your iDashboard database and it's done. You can even setup automated campaigns with properties that match the criteria of a given contact list - without even touching the keyboard!

  1. After logging into iDashboard, hover your mouse over the Campaigns Tab at the top of your screen, then click on Newsletters & Magazines.
  2. On the Newsletters & Magazines home page you can see all of your existing series, or Create a new one.
  3. To create a new one, click on  New Magazine or Newsletter Series.
  4. You will be given a choice between setting up an eMag or Standard Email design. As we are creating a newsletter, click on the Standard Email Design. (please note, your office may have one standard template, or multiple custom templates to choose from. If you would like a custom template, please feel free to contact us).
  5. You will now be at the New Newsletter Series page where you can fill in the basic details for your newsletter. Fill out the name of the Series in the ‘Name’ field, a brief description of your newsletter and the ‘From Address’ that recipients will see when they receive your newsletter emails. You may also change the email template design selected for the series using the ‘Design’ drop down menu. Once you are happy with the details, click Create Series.
  6. Once you click Create Series you will be taken to the Setup Tab of your Newsletter. We now need to nominate the subscribers to this Newsletter. Click on the Subscription Tab to edit the subscribers.
  7. You can pick whether the subscribers to this Newsletter are from a subscription list, or you can add contacts from a contact group. For this article, lets add contacts from the Buyer group. Then click Save Newsletter.
  8. If you want, you can also setup the Newsletter to Automatically Subscribe contacts, based on their contact category. To do this, simply click on the Automatic Subscribe tab, click the category/categories you wish to automatically subscribe contacts based on, and click Save Newsletter.
  9. After pressing Save Newsletter, click on the  Green Back arrow next to the title of your Newsletter to be taken to the homepage list.
  10. Find your new Newsletter in the list, and click on the Edit Latest Edition link.
  11. You will be directed to the email editor, displaying the look and feel of the final Newsletter. Here you can change the email subject (it defaults to the Series name). Within the email body, you can change the heading and text content you want to send. You can format this content as you would in Microsoft Word – simply select the text and format it with bullet points, bold text, italicised text and even insert images using the toolbar.
  12. If you would like to Insert Properties into your newsletter, please refer to this article. 
  13. If you would like to Insert Images into your newsletter, please refer to this article.
  14. If you would like to Insert Links or Documents into your newsletter, please refer to this article.
  15. When you have finished composing your newsletter, have the option to Save as a Draft, Send a Preview, Change the Design or Save and Send.
  16. After saving your Newsletter, you can edit the contents and subscribers at anytime through the List of Newsletters and Magazines.
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