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Email Tracking System

The Campaign system update has introduced a simple yet powerful email tracking system to assist you with your marketing activities.

The default screen for the Campaigns area is a list of all previous email campaigns sent out. The list shows you the name of the campaign, the date sent, number of recipients, number of times opened, number of times someone clicked a link within it and the number of email bounces (due to incorrect email addresses or network errors).

You can find out much more and make use of a range of powerful communication tools by clicking on one of the campaign links – read more below.

Making the most out of Email Tracking:

  1. Click a campaign link on the Email Tracking home screen.
  2. You are presented with a page showing 3 tabs – Recipients, Reports and Properties.
  3. The default tab selected is Recipients. Information in this area is divided into a further 3 tabs – Opened, Unopened and Bounced. In each, it shows you a list of all of the recipients that fall into those categories. This allows you to identify which of your contacts can be followed up after opening a Campaign, other contacts you can prompt to take a look or present further marketing activities to, and contacts that may need their email address double-checked.
  4. Click on Reports. Here you can view a simple, visual representation of the success of your Campaigns and health of your contact database. The pie chart shows the percentage of Opened, Unopened and Bounced emails. Clicking on the Daily and Weekly tabs allows you to see further information about activity in more specific time ranges – allowing you to make a call on the best times to send out your materials
  5. Finally, the Properties tab shows a breakdown of activity specific to individual properties in your portfolio – including Campaign views and Website views. You can also see a quick snapshot of key listing data, such as Address, Price, and Vendor
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