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General Email Composition

The Campaign system update allows you to create one-off emails simply and effectively without leaving iDashboard.

The default screen for General Emails shows a "New Composition" link at the top of the screen, and underneath a list of all emails that have been sent or still in draft status. This allows you to quickly see what email template was used, the number of recipients assigned to it, as well as some useful tools including a preview link and copy function for reusing standard messages you might use on a frequent basis. Old emails that serve no purpose can also be deleted from this list.

Writing a new email:

  1. Click "New Composition" at the top of the screen.
  2. Select an email template. Note: your office may have one standard template, or multiple templates. If you would like a custom template made for a specific purpose, please contact
  3. Now you may edit the From Address, Recipients and Email Subject.
  4. Clicking on Add Recipient brings up a screen that allows you to search for a specific contact, or add a new contact to your database using the same form as found in the main iDashboard Contacts area. 
    If you need to send the general email to particular categories, when searching for your contact, simply hit the 'Spacebar' on your keyboard and you will be provided with a list of your offices Contact Categories. Once you have select the Category/Categories you wish to email to, you can also tick the option to 'Send to all my contacts' and this will only email the contacts that are assigned to you within those categories.
  5. Underneath, you will see the main working space for editing the content in your email. To use this, it’s as simple as clicking on any heading, message area or line of text and adding your own text content.
  6. You can format anything you write with the Microsoft Word style toolbar above the editing area. Simply select text and make it bold, italicised, underlined or change the font size and colour.
  7. If you would like to add a property, add an image or add a website hyperlink – click on the House, Photo or Link icons in the toolbar to the right of the bullet point icons and follow the prompts.
  8. When you are happy with your email composition, click one of the 3 blue buttons above the working space to send the email out, save as a draft, or send a preview of it to yourself.

Reviewing / Reusing existing emails:

  1. To open up a draft email for editing or review the content of a sent email, simply click the appropriate email from the list presented in the General Emails home area.
  2. Once inside, you may review or edit the content and or the recipients and choose a course of action using one the 3 blue buttons.
  3. You may also preview or create a copy of an existing email by clicking the Magnifying glass or Copy icon from the list view. Clicking Copy creates another instance of that composition and directs you to the normal editing view.
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