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Send an email to a group of contacts

Categories are the easiest way to segregate contacts within iDashboard, so that you can send out tailored emails to different types of contacts from iDashboard, for more information on setting up your contact categories click here.
To add the category on a contact, simply go into the contact, click Edit, and add the category/categories to the contact and click Update Details, for more information on Categorising Contacts click here.
You can do this in bulk, by adding the contacts to your Workspace and then by clicking Add Categories for more information on adding contacts to your workspace click here.
Once we have categories our clients/contacts as required, we can easily send a once off email to these categories by going to the contact General Search area, searching by category (and staff member if required) and then adding those results to the Workspace, for more information on adding contacts to your workspace click here.
Once the required contacts are in our Workspace, we can send an Email to these contacts, as simply as clicking on Send Email in the Workspace area, for more information on sending an email to your Workspace contacts click here.
If we are wanting to send out an email regularly to these contacts, the best way to go about this would be to setup a Newsletter, and then subscribing contacts that belong to required category. That way if you need to send out another email to these contacts, you can simply go into Newsletters and click Edit on the Next Edition, for more information on setting up a Newsletter click here.
Please note: If you are using the Newsletter area to send out your emails for this, you may find it better to create a category such as 'Vendors - James' that way you can target just your Contacts rather than all contacts within a 'Vendor' category. With Workspace, this is not required as we can search based on Category and Owning Employee before we add them to our Workspace.
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