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Managing Roles (Permissions, Staff Grouping)

Roles have two distinct functions for employees in iDashboard:

  1. Through Permissions, you can control what employees can and can't access in the system (such as Private Contacts)
  2. Through Action Plans, you can allocate a task to a group of employees

All agencies come with a default Role setup called Administrators - this role allows you to do anything in iDashboard, including resetting passwords, deleting contacts and viewing private contacts. We recommend setting up secure Roles and only keeping trusted employees in the Administrator role.

To manage your office Roles:

  1. Hover over the user menu located in the top right corner of iDashboard.
  2. Click on Admin & Account Settings.
  3. Click on Roles.

To ADD a role:

  1. Click Add Role
  2. Give the Role a Name e.g Sales People
  3. Give the Role a description (optional)
  4. Select whether this role is a Super User (recommended only for Administrators and Office Managers)
  5. Click Add Role

To Edit the Permissions of a role:

  1. Click on the name of the role
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Permissions
  4. Now you can select which permissions this role has in the system
  5. Click Update Role

To Change the Role of an Employee:

  1. Hover over the user menu located in the top right corner of iDashboard
  2. Click on Admin & Account Settings
  3. Click on Employees
  4. Click on the employee name that we want to change the role for
  5. Click Edit
  6. Select the applicable Role from the drop-down
  7. Click Update Employee






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