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Insert images into a newsletter

  1. Click with your mouse on the email template where you would like you image to appear.
  2. To insert an image into a newsletter or email click on the  Insert Image icon which will bring up the Image Properties window.
  3. Click on Browse Server, which will bring up the Resources Library.
  4. Click Browse, then find the image on your computer that you would like added to your page, and click Upload.
  5. Once you have uploaded your image it will appear as a link in the Resources Library.
  6. Click on the link to select it, and the image details will be inserted into the Image Property window. You can at this stage specify an image height or width, however it is recommended that the image is at the correct size before it is uploaded. Click on OK and the image will be inserted into your newsletter or email.

Image Tips

  • Crop/resize the image to no more than 600 pixels wide before uploading
  • In the image properties make your image width = 100% (height = blank)
  • Make sure your image file names have no spaces
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